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“Do You Wanna See Some Puppets?” is a lecture by Stuart “Stu-Di-Doo” Hodgson which trawls through his own personal history of puppets, the different types available, creating names and characters, care and storage, accessorising and how to put together a puppet routine.

Duration: Two hours


“All in all a thoroughly enjoyable night and one I would recommend to other Magic Societies without hesitation.  If you’re looking for a lecture which is different, informative, entertaining and delivered by an all round nice guy then look no further than Stu-Di-Doo.”

John Penman, Northern Magic Circle



“Stu-Di-Doo’s and Stu-Di-Doon’ts” is the new lecture looking at the philosophy and psychology behind entertaining children. Developed from literally thousands of performances Stu-Di-Doo delivers the hints, tips and dare I say it, SECRETS about entertaining children.  Firmly based around the popular two-hour full party Stu-Di-Doo covers topics such as the format of the party, warm up routines, introductions, dealing with shy children, managing the over enthusiastic helper and keeping control of the parents and games to use, this lecture gives a huge help to all entertainers who work with children from the new starter to the seasoned professional there is always more to learn.

Duration:  Two hours.

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Stu-Di-Doo Lecture Notes


Hard Copy £12 incl P&P

 PDF £8

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“Pick Me” Wand


£10 incl P&P


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Grand Prize Routine


£8 incl P&P


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Magic Star


Corners Set


£50 + P&P


“Stu-Di-Doo’s and Stu-Di-Don’ts” is the latest set of lecture notes from Stu-Di-Doo.

A full-time professional children’s entertainer this lecture is firmly based around the 2-hour party package. Includes the format of the party, warm ups, introductions, dealing with shy and boisterous children, how to choose, manage and reward a helper in the show as well two great non-elimination games and a fun balloon routine.

Available in 42 page fully bound hard copy or PDF

Stu-Di-Doo’s “Pick Me” Wand is the ideal way to choose the next helper in your magic show. A simple magic wand is transformed into a hand that seeks out and selects the magician’s assistant.

Remember you don’t choose the wand, the wand chooses you!

Stu-Di-Doo’s Grand Prize Routine is full of puns and fun. The trick has finished and now you must reward your helper, but which prize will they choose?

A great tried and tested routine where the prizes are NOT what the audience expect!

Stu-Di-Doo’s Magic Star & Corners Set is not just about show management, its a great game too!

You need a helper to stand in a particular place - That’s the Magic Star!

You need a fantastic non-elimination game - That’s Stu-Di-Doo Corners!

You are supplied with four custom manufactured mats in four different colours. These mats have been made to an incredibly high specification and designed specially for children’s parties. They are 30cm x 30cm with a 25mm rubber border which is less of a trip hazard and grips the floor firmly and they are fully washable (in the washing machine), all in all they look great and will last for years!

You also receive four matching hard wearing laminated game cards for the Stu-Di-Doo Corners Game and of course all the gags and bits of business for the Magic Star and Stu-Di-Doo Corners.

Lecture Notes Cover
Stu-Di-Doo's Pick Me Wand
More than just an eggs box!
Stu-Di-Doo's Magic Star and Corners Set

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